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Family Chiropractic Care

Safe and Effective for All Ages

Chiropractic care is safe and effective for patients of all ages and all backgrounds. Often people think of chiropractic care only as a remedy for acute pain. Any potential trauma, however, such as the birth process itself, can cause a problem in the spine that may be asymptomatic.

We believe that chiropractic care for the sake of wellness is so important. If problems are found, especially in children, we have an opportunity to make a change and redirect the course of that patient’s care for the rest of their life.

Dr. Trevor’s Approach to Care

As a chiropractor, I tend to prefer a light-handed approach to care. Some patients have a concern about the amount of force applied during an adjustment, but I employ a lighter technique for gentle adjustments.

Most of my adjustments are performed using Activator Methods® or TRT (Torque Release Technique). These instrument-assisted techniques are gentle enough for all patients, from infants to the elderly. I like to tell my patients that it is light enough, specific enough and effective enough for most adjustments and is completely safe. I often reassure patients by first demonstrating the instrument on the hand to show how gentle the force is.

The Thompson Drop Table also provides a means for a very gentle yet effective adjustment. If necessary for more difficult adjustments, and with the patient’s consent, I will perform manual adjustments using Diversified techniques. These adjustments rely on manipulation of the joints with my hands, rather than with the instrument.

Control Is in Your Hands

I maintain an open dialogue with my patients, and I encourage you to ask questions about your care and to let me know how you’d like to proceed. You are always in control of your care.

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