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Patient Reviews at Restoration Chiropractic

As a new office, there is nothing better than great patient feedback! Read below to see what some of our newest patients have to say.


Impressed by Doctor and Clinic

I am wholly impressed with Dr Trevor’s humanitarian vision for health. It’s obvious to me what inspires him as a doctor and what the intention is for his service — he cares! EXCELLENT clinic. WISE practitioner. A loving space of kindness that nourishes my health and wellness every visit. This is what 21st Century healthcare looks like … thank you!

~Magdalen B.

Personal Care and Attention

Great staff. Personal care and attention is paramount.

~Jeremy W.

Positive Outlook

I am feeling like there is hope and less pain in my life

~Rita A.

What I’ve Been Praying For

Trevor is the first person to really take the intentional time to explain the basics behind what is happening in my back and spine. It’s what I’ve been praying for two almost two years now and honestly believe that finding Restoration Chiropractics was an answer to that prayer. Trevor and his staff are the kindest people who really care about you as more than just a patient! I am excited to work hard and begin my healing process!

~Amy B.

Very Pleasant Experience

I appreciated that there was an overall plan. Very thorough and complete exam, which enabled the proper and specific treatment. The staff make up a good team and overall a very pleasant experience.

~Shirley W.

Information Night

Your information evening was very informative and it helped make our decision to have treatment easier.

~Judy W.

New Mobility

Enjoying my new found mobility :)

~Fred C.

Very Professional

Very Professional, organized, comfortable and friendly environment for myself and my family. Extremely confident and happy with Dr. Mains

~Sandra C.

Thank You

I finally do not feel like my back is going to snap in half. Thank you Dr. Mains

~Marci W.


Thanks for at least trying to help me and improve my condition to a improved state!

~Bill G.


Excellent, love the way things are explained and 1st time having an x-ray from a chiropractor!

~Richard F.

Very Caring

Dr Mains’ approach is very caring and it’s clear that the patient’s well being is top priority.

~Nicolas H.